Christopher Whitson

We make customers (and money) grow on trees!

What We Do

What I Do

Small business owners and managers often think that money is the most important aspect of making a profit. When things aren't great the first thing they want to do is cut costs, employees, or services. I've found that the majority of the time...this is not only the wrong solution, but ends up making matters worse!

I help business owners focus on value more than they ever have before. When a person (whether it's an employee, a vendor, or a customer) receives value, they psychologically crave more of it. It actually generates that warm, fuzzy feeling we are all familiar with. However, most businesses have no clue what value is. HINT: IT'S NOT MONEY. And it will never be money. Money, by design, has no value. So when a business tries to fix money problems by focusing on the financials, they are fighting a losing battle. My job is to make sure the business owners and managers are picking the right battles. That's the only way to win the war.

In a nutshell, we will re-train you on how money really works. Because the chances are really good that you've been misled. And it's killing your business.

Contact us and we'll fix your money problems once and for all. Your business can be wildly profitable!